The JaiBagh Palace

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Located in the village Kacherawalla, Amer, Jaipur, this luxurious palace is truly a dream venue for stays and destination wedding events. It has a polished yet very traditional architecture with the heritage being intact as the rooms and other areas are extremely spacious. It has a subtle and cool outlook just like a king’s palace near the Aravali hills range. The calm and serene surroundings make for a superb stay while relaxing in the most leisurely way in the princely state of Rajasthan. The cultural ambience and heritage of the state reflect from the enormous quiet areas and the palatial design of the place. The checkered floor of the palace gives it a unique yet exceedingly charming and creative outlook. There is a wide lobby which is significant of the good old times when joint families lived in these king of big palace-like houses, they got together in the evening at this shared place where they talked, played games and had a gala time. It is beautifully recreated with a big fountain in the middle and a comforting sitting area surrounding it making it gorgeous and spreading freshness. At night, when it is lit in yellow lights, it glows like the heavenly stars and the outlook is truly diaphanous. There is a classy rooftop swimming pool with clear water and a great surrounding environment. The area can be best used for amazing poolside events like mehndi, haldi, and sangeet or any other event like birthday celebration, reception, and bachelor’s party. This is designed for the guests to pamper themselves and rejuvenate nearest to nature with the beautiful sky above shining and singing for them. Superb rooms are designed with a lot of space and fine décor. The king-sized beds offer kingly comfort and luxury. There are crisp white walls and the décor is not heavy but very soothing to the eyes. These rooms are filled with all the needful amenities and fine furniture to make your stay as comforting as it can be. This hotel is a dream destination for couples looking to have a traditional and royal wedding filled with unforgettable fun and aesthetics. The culinary experts prepare the best food and service with amazing love and zeal. This commendable service lets you ace your every event, either it is a wedding, reception, pre-wedding, post-wedding functions, or smooth business events and meetings. This hotel is best known for its tireless service and great hospitality. The unforgettable aura of this place makes for a fairy tale venue for all your celebrations.

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