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Amritsar is on one side, is a sprawling metropolitan city, on the other, an ethereal place of worship, both sides are equally beautiful in their own right. These different sides are not separated; instead, they meld into each other. This creates a gorgeously interconnected world of both form and function. These are also the key features as to why you should be hosting every kind of event in Amritsar. The form is artistic pleasure and aesthetics. The function is self-explanatory. In most cities across India, only one feature is present: Function. In Amritsar, both form and function are present. This creates the best city to host your event. The form is used to please your visitors and make them enjoy their time in the event. The function is used to ease your visitors and make their experience smooth and easy to take in. The sprawling city part of Amritsar is one thing, one extremely stunning thing to be exact! The ethereal side, on the other hand, is, the most beautiful part of a city you will ever see. This all begins in the center of Amritsar, the golden temple. It is a sacred place of worship in the Sikh religion. It is the most beautiful and healing place you will ever see. Words cannot do it justice. You will have to see it to truly experience its beauty. The golden temple feeds a whopping 1 million people every single day. The temple is built around a man-made pool that was completed by Guru Ram Das in 1577. The temple was repeatedly rebuilt by the Sikhs after it became a target of persecution and was destroyed several times by the Muslim armies from Afghanistan and the Mughal Empire. The cuisine of Amritsar totally shows the magnanimous lifestyle of people here. When they say breakfast like a king, they take it too seriously for which they have the scrumptious Amritsari Kulchas. This tremendous savory food is the first and last wish on every Amritsari’s mind. When you have it, you definitely know why it gets all the praises. Other than that, Amritsari fish is a lip-smacking delight. The divine aura of the city lets you set your mind in deep thoughts of spirituality and selfless service. There is no way you do not fall for the truly diaphanous ambience of this place. This city owns the record of the most number of visitors and tourists. Why not plan your big day’s event here at this divine city of Amritsar.

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