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Located near the seashore, this truly captivating state has a pure rustic vibe. It is the smallest state of India but a dream destination for so many. The beautiful state was under British influence for longer than other parts of India making its vibe contemporary. The culture of the state also reflects modernization and western effect. Seaside of Goa is an extremely sublime sight and needs no recommendations as it speaks for its beauty itself. The exceedingly clear sand and an excellent beach call for a perfect holiday and a dream-like destination wedding. Charming resorts are facing the bright sea which offers great spaces to hold events and meetings. Goa is the desire of many for having a seashore wedding under the starry sky on chill nights. At nights, the sea shines like magic and allures the passersby with its majestic sight. People come there to spend their leisure time and to get relaxation from their hectic schedule. The tall trees at some distance to the shore are a sight to behold. It makes for a scenic sigh to propose the love of your life near the waters which look heavenly. Seraphic Mandaps and arrangements can be done near the sea to make everlasting memories with smiles and blessings. The picturesque sea makes it a perfect setting for romantic dates and meetings. The climate of Goa is moderate and is always cozy. To plan an effortlessly gorgeous and worry-free event, Goa looks like the best option that fulfills every couple’s dream to have a diaphanous setting for their wedding events. The local area is also a scenic beauty and has so much to offer to the guests. It is very well known to serve seafood and other authentic dishes of the local area. Although most of the food is non-vegetarian, there are resorts and hotels which serve great Indian vegetarian foods too. The warm hospitality of the place gives you a world-class experience. When decorations are made with real nectar-filled flowers, it is inevitable for the guests and couples to not plan an event here. Overall, this place’s raw and contemporary vibe is rarely seen in any other part of India giving it a unique ambiance and environment. Couples who plan to have a modern and exceptional wedding have Goa on the top of their wish lists. If you too have similar plans, this destination is just right for you.

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