Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

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Located amidst the lake pichola, this rare hotel is truly a sight to behold. Its unmatched ethereal architecture is one of a kind and looks like a palace of dreams. It actually was a historical palace which is now restored to preserve the charm and beauty it beholds. The white palace floating on the lake Pichola gives us chills with its sublimity. It comes with luxurious services and a lavish interior for the guests to feel indescribable. The hotel has grand rooms and a gorgeous interior. It looks as ethereal and cosmic as the clouds with its massive design filled with sophistication and elegance. The rooms are very well-equipped with the finest furniture, the best amenities, and superb décor. These rooms have king-sized beds for kingly comfort and grandiose. It exhibits the royal old tradition of great warmth and hospitality served to the guests. All the rooms have rust and gold with other lustrous colors and textures giving them the royal outlook. The rooms provide an awesome view of the lake from the large windows where you can sit for hours and calculate how beautiful our earth is. When the sun shines, the reflections from the lake feel like diamonds raining in the rooms. With the royal chandeliers hung on the top, the décor of the room is complete. How about having delicious food near the majestic view of the lake? For this, Neel Kamal, Bhairo, Jharokha, and Amrit sagar offer superb food and service with the magnificent décor and splendid view of the lake. These fine restaurants serve multiple cuisines prepared with great zeal to captivate the guests in never-ending flavors. Jharokha is a gorgeous area to have a blissful romantic dinner with the love of your life near the lovely water. To pamper the mind, body, and soul of the guests, the Jiva spa offers numerous rejuvenating services and therapies. This polished hotel has Mewar Mahal, where you can effortlessly plan your dream wedding functions, corporate events with small gatherings, and many other celebrations and meetings. The décor and interior of the area is inspired by the lavish kingdoms of the kings. It has subtle pastel colors with superb ambience and offerings. It is also an ideal space for smooth and uninterrupted business conferences and meetings. The place is well known for its world-class hospitality and undeniable 24-hour service. With the commendable service of the staff and offerings like butlers, unique dining, and heritage walks, this hotel is unmatched and is a magnum opus of architectural creativity.

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