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Studio Future Forward is a photo studio at Valley View Green, Farm House, 18, Faridabad — Gurgaon Rd, Valley View Estate, Baliawas, Bandhwari, Haryana, but, it is not any old photo studio where couples come to take cliche wedding pictures in boring sets with low-quality cameras. Studio Future Forward is filled with myriad artistic flairs. The beautiful sets are impeccably designed to either depict real-life situations or to just look purely like an aesthetic. All of these graceful sets have a unique flair and style imbedded into them. There are more than 25 carefully perfected sets in this bombshell of a photo studio. These ethereal sets are all uniquely designed to give each and every one a different aesthetic. In a single studio, we go from a traditional Punjabi village to Santorini’s gorgeous views and everything in between. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Let’s quickly go through a couple of these sets. The first set to talk about is the village set. Here, there are rustic walls made of mud and on those walls, we can see old traditional yet extremely alluring paintings of people which symbolize unity very effectively. Another amazing set worth talking about is the perplexing yet surprisingly astounding replica of the Santorini setting. This set is a life-sized replica of the world’s most famous exotic place. The set is very well-equipped with all the artistic motifs that the actual Santorini has. The pure and crisp white and peaceful blue aesthetic truly shines amazingly in this set. This set would be a great choice, if you won’t have plans to go to the irresistibly charming place, Santorini after marriage. A great start towards any wedding celebration as this studio is excellent for pre-wedding photoshoots. Overall, the Studio Future Forward is artistically fuelled and never fails to amaze.

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