ShubhAramabh - Banquet & Marriage Garden

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The ShubhAramabh Banquet and Marriage Garden in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is one of the most beautiful palaces you will ever see. The theme and aesthetics of this palace transcend time and are truly a mixture of different aesthetics, themes, and cultures. The clean and pure thematic touches of this marriage garden are bound to amaze you. The exterior merges two extremely different places of the world. On one hand, it looks like a mosque and on the other, it also looks like a temple. No matter how different religion maybe, a sense of purity and calmness travels through it. This palace hits that mark perfectly. It perfectly depicts purity. The exterior is a masterful piece of architecture. It is designed and presented gorgeously. The checkerboard pattern on the front entrance’s floor is mesmerizing. The exterior is built like the Taj Mahal and other old and rustic masterpieces’ architecture. The ancient feeling engravings on the white stone add a fine artistic touch to the whole palace. This whole palace is filled with these kinds of engravings, especially in the halls, where the Indian culture is brought to light. The yellow hues of the candlelight are magnificent to witness. That, combined with the artistic motif of checkerboard patterns on the floor and this time, the motif is continued in the other parts of the hall. The pure white aesthetic is also continued, this time in a more classy and slick way. The pure white décor of this hall is beautifully accented with gold accents that contrast gorgeously with the white. The hall is set up with countless chandeliers and lights, which can be tailored to any color the visitors may like. The temperature of the hall feels fixated on the light of it as well. Yellow hues for a warmer feeling, white hues for a cooler feeling. Overall, ShubhAramabh marriage palace and banquet is one you should not miss out on.

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