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Located in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, this highly-rated venue is amazing for many types of celebrations and events. Generally used as a sports stadium, this place is very well known to have a gala time with friends and colleagues. There is a spacious garden, very well-kept and manicured to have colossal arrangements for business conferences, corporate events, or star-studded ravishing concerts. It has a myriad of offerings for the guests apart from it being a sports stadium. There is a restaurant serving great food and multiple cuisines. It is hard to forget the lip-smacking taste of the dishes served here which are prepared freshly with great zeal. The club has a wide space for open-air events and celebrations while giving a clean slate to the host for decoration according to the event and his/her wish. The commendable service here is unmatched which grabs it praises from each of its previous guests. Many areas are curated finely for the amusement of the guests. It is the best venue to host a sports event, a corporate event, or a concert night. Also, many Art, food, and other exhibitions are arranged here at PSOI Club in Delhi. Overall, this place is highly appreciated for its undeniably awesome service and ambience. It is the best venue to ace any of your events.

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