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This luxury hotel is located near Science Park in Jaipur, is the epitome of hospitality. The city of Jaipur is an active tourist hotspot due to many of the historical sites here. Often visited by tourists from across the globe, this place still has the authentic and traditional vibe intact. This city is the best place to have a wedding event as it provides a raw ambience through which love and warmth prevail. This up-class hotel has a very royal yet contemporary architecture. The modern building is covered in royal Beige colour. This huge building of the hotel is very well crafted from the outside and looks extremely attractive and clean. The fine exterior is very enticing and invites the onlookers to have the experience of the best hospitality ever. Hotel The Livin has crisp and tidy walls and a perfectly reflecting floor. This gleam interior is arresting and gives out an amazing outlook when combined with the fine furnishing all over. The royal city will always show the royalty through each and every area over it. This Hotel is a fine example and shows the top-notch living standards and the king-sized decors of India to the whole world. Royal chandeliers on the superbly built ceilings give the impression of the grandiose related to our country. The rich heritage of India is reflected with a mixture of contemporary. This fine blend makes a thing look as good as the interior of this place. This hotel serves as the best event planner venue. The banquet halls are dramatically big and can have colossal gatherings effortlessly. The beauty of the interior of the hall is unmatched with the unique wooden ceilings and having contemporary chandeliers hanging. Extremely alluring gold pillars make your day brighter. The rooms are spacious and are well-equipped with luxury and comfort. The big beds and the fluffy sheets make you feel free and weightless. The colourful restaurant is lively and fills your heart with joy instantly. Your glee doubles when you are served the lip-smacking dishes which not only taste good but also are highly presentable. Talented chefs deserve all the praise in this world for making the world a better place by preparing scrumptious food. The sleek design of the corridors and the paintings on the passage are thought-provoking. The whole of the place looks no less than a masterpiece by an artist. The interiors have an unparalleled charm as the outlook comes out to be extraordinary. Planning your wedding event, a corporate event, a reception party, a shagun ceremony, a pretty birthday party, will be amazing. The services of the staff are always world-class. You will be delivered the promise of a supremely luxurious experience just rightly by Hotel The Livin.

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