Grand Uniara

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Situated just a few minutes away from the Albert Hall Museum, this seraphic beauty is worth all the praises. The hotel has a huge palatial building. The architectural style is ancient, but the luxury is fresh and served amazingly. Jaipur is known to be India’s active hotspot of tourism due to many sights; this hotel serves tourists from across the globe to view how India serves its guests with folded hands and selfless service. The lemon and white building looks like Havelis of old times which were owned by kings and big landlords. Not only it’s exterior but the interior is equally royal. The floor is glossy like a mirror and reflects the crisp walls created by the old age goodwill of Rajasthan’s hospitality. The greenery and flower pots around provide a great escape from the day-to-day worries of hectic lives with the fresh air and a pleasing look. The chandeliers, the furniture is all up to mark and very well-kept. It provides an insight of how hardworking the staff is, with how finely tidy the surrounding is. The floor, the walls, and the interior is traditional and says a lot about our old age decors. Fine artistry on the walls shows the colourful aspects of Indian culture. The lamps and lighting is done very effectively to give an amazing dimension to the interior décor. All the colours used are deep and royal. The velvety and lustrous texture of the fabric is handcrafted and is superb. The walls are light in tone while the décor is slightly vibrant to complete the look. An amazing bar has the alluring design to arrest the guests in its charm. Ceilings are designed with utmost creativity. All the fine details of the décor are unforgettable and surely make an everlasting mark on the minds of the onlooker. Finely furnished chairs and tables provide delightful sight as well as undeniable comfort. It serves as a marvelous venue for events of different kinds. The lawn area has an open banqueting option open for the desired functions like mehndi, sangeet, or any other auspicious day. The decorative pieces are specially handcrafted and even painted to give a rare look to the interior. There is an unforgettable charm with the traditional wooden blocks on the walls where books and other pretty things rest. Multiple cuisines are mastered by the talented chefs to prepare lip-smacking dishes at the tables of the guests. Although cuisines from across the world are served, Indian tastes are always everlasting. To experience the best hospitality in the city, this hotel is a perfect choice. The commendable staff is consistent and hence has gained an amazing reputation for always serving the best to the guests.

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