Forest Hill Golf & Country Club Resort

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The Forest Hill Resort is located in village Karoran, near Punjab Engineering College of Mohali in Chandigarh, Punjab. It is widespread of lush green gardens providing larger than life experiences in golf, various other sports, and adventures as well as private and formal events. The resort is stretched over a hundred acres of land with tree zones, natural sharp bends, and turns, and also connote water bodies. It is a great place for leisure activities and provides a serene time in nature. The modern golf course has a 9-hole, 36-par range making for the best game. Other activities like hiking, biking, wildlife safari are also top-notch. Facilities of gym, fitness studios, swimming pool, and squash courts are also provided to make your stay indelible and worthy. Events like golf tournaments, cyclotrons, new year celebrations, musical nights keep taking place to add to the enthusiasm of the guests as well as day visitors. The place provides something for all age groups be it kids, youngsters or elderly. The resort and its lush green lawns are a perfect sight for your special personal events. Also, the availability of ample parking space makes the entry or exit of guests convenient. Your business meetings become more gripping in the conference rooms with the smooth supply of refreshments and other needs by the service staff without making any disturbance. You can also capture the picturesque view of the resort in your pre-wedding shoots. The resort also attracts a lot of songs and/ or movie shoots. The Lakeshore cottages at the Forest Hill Resort with the captivating view of Shivalik Hills around and the tranquility of the Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary in proximity make your stay remarkably indelible. The resort itself is house to a range of flora and fauna helping in the protection of various exotic plants and animals. It also provides the option to become a member providing them with all the facilities and also make them a part of the resort’s flora and fauna conservation projects allowing them a hand at gardening and other related activities. The members and even other guests can buy organic produce grown at the farms and also interact with livestock including cows, goats, and chickens at the farm. The services are smooth and provided with the most care and affection by the resort’s staff. All in all, the guests go through one of the best life experiences during their visit and long stays. The events become the most memorable ones when planned at the Forest Hill Golf And Country Club.

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