Ambience Mall, Gurugram

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The Ambience Mall in Gurgaon is the most luxurious and extravagant mall out there and is competing to be one of the best in the world. The exterior is masterfully designed with care by talented and hardworking engineers. The exterior is in itself, an artwork. It carries the design features in many famous malls around the world and then, builds on them. The use of glass throughout the exterior is masterfully done-and carries the impression of a clean and bold environment. The walls of the exterior seem to be lined with tiles which complement the clean and sanitized environment aesthetic extremely cleanly. The inside is immaculate and fits the aforementioned aesthetic. It seems like a utopia and is filled with lights of various hues, which, when reflected by the shiny and smooth floors add to the aesthetic in a beautiful way. The feeling of being in such a large building is simply bewildering. The ground floor has ample space for an event which will undoubtedly look stunning in this environment that is suited for decorations of extreme sizes and shapes. This makes it an amazing place for your event to take place. No matter what your event is, this place is perfectly tailored for it. Events of massive size can even take place here, including weddings, functions, parties, and birthdays. The food here is also immaculate, and you will never forget the taste of it. Different varieties of food are served here every second of the day. Overall, this place is absolutely perfect for any type of event out there.

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