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Amnora the Fern Hotels, Pune, Maharshtra, has a superb exterior. The building has an amazing aura. The beige colour looks extremely royal giving it a look like a king’s palace. An enormous pool in front of the building beautifully reflects the building just as a mirror. The greenery on the sides adds a natural charm to the whole exterior. With this brilliant lighting, the hotel gives a heavenly and palatial look. The grandiose increases when we have just a glance at the interior of the hotel. It is definitely par excellence and flawless. The superfine and luxurious interior of the rooms is an arresting site. We hold our breaths continuously as there is amazing details in the décor. The rooms are built and designed keeping in mind the utmost comfort of the guests. It has excellent services combined with a truly futuristic outlook. The floor is clean and reflecting hygiene. There is no way we can deny the charm of this place. It is an ideal place for a dazzling event, be it business or a fantastic wedding event, it can be a great idea to have it planned here at Amnora the Fern Hotels and Club. The banquet hall has alluring décor with exceedingly beautiful chandeliers to provide the desired royal outlook. It can have a center table to impress the clients with the glamorous colour scheme i.e. beige, brown, and gold with pure white and crisp walls. These extraordinary combinations provide an amazing ambience to focus on the work while having the best service. There is a larger-than-life banquet hall with a spacious and well-managed sitting arrangement. Its interior is rare and charismatic. The royal chandeliers provide perfect lighting while some unique pillars in the hall add to the beauty of the hall. The hall provides an amazing view of the courtyard garden through which we can see the ravishing greenery while enjoying a hall party. The hotel has mastered lip smacking dishes and multiple cuisines. They serve these delicacies with sincere love and warmth. The hotel has a great atmosphere and a pleasant vibe all over. It feels like home when you stay at Amnora the Fern Hotels and club. To increase the feeling of comfort they pamper the dear guests with a vast swimming pool and a well-equipped gym. With this they can take care of their body even when they are out and not in their hometown. The services at the hotel are unmatchable and the goodwill is excellent. It is excellent for a reason and that reason is- consistency. There is consistency to serve good, consistency in the maintenance of hygiene, consistency to never let the guests have a complaint. These efforts make this place the best in Pune, Maharashtra.

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