Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab, India
  • INR 1,34,160 *


This vibrant and floral decoration package at a Private Space in Amritsar, Punjab, will amaze you and your friends and family. This entire decor has the Indian traditional aesthetic and the floral aesthetic combined. The colors of this decor are vibrant, bright, and colorful. The entire aesthetic artistically approaches in a way that makes the entire decor feel calm and resolving at the same time being vibrant and bright. The colors remain in the aesthetic while also bringing something new into the decor. Not only the colors, but the entire decor supports itself artistically. Every aspect of this decor is polished, and it’s consistent throughout the decor. No part of this decor conflicts with itself nor with other parts of this decor. This decor leans heavily into the Indian traditional aesthetic with all of its vibrancy and brightness. At the same time, the decor is fresh looking and feeling, since it is set in the outdoors. And because it is set in the outdoors: the lighting and the greenery are also spectacular. This decor breathes new life into an otherwise overdone aesthetic. This decor is enjoyable for all ages and is appealing to everyone.


Updated on August 28, 2021 at 12:53 pm
  • Package ID: 8766
  • Price: INR 1,34,160 *
  • Package Type: Decoration
  • Event Type: Wedding
  • Number of Guests: 50-100
  • Venue Type: Private Space
  • City Amritsar
  • State Punjab
  • Venue Ranjit Avenue
  • Country India
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