Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi NCR, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • INR 1,18,000 *


This three-way fusion decoration combines various different aesthetics into one cohesive artwork. This decoration combines the lustrous and floral aesthetic with the royal aesthetic and the Indian aesthetic. The Indian aesthetic in this decoration is a little less shown but is there nonetheless because you can feel it. The entire decoration has incredible contrast and complement with these three aesthetics and plays off of this huge role. The Indian aesthetic is there with the brown color because it is royal and is in a lot of Indian decorations as well. The royal aesthetic is all over the place with this decor, because of the color red this entire decoration feels like a playground for the royal aesthetic with other aesthetics playing in it as well. This entire decoration has two more aesthetics still to go to. The floral aesthetic combines extremely well with the royal aesthetic and the feel like a perfect pair. The pastel aesthetic is hidden inside the floral aesthetic. The colors of the flowers which look freshly plucked are pastel and make a huge impression with the royal and Indian aesthetics as well.


Updated on December 11, 2021 at 11:08 am
  • Package ID: 20065
  • Price: INR 1,18,000 *
  • Package Type: Decoration
  • Event Type: Engagement
  • Number of Guests: 0-50
  • Event Space: Ballroom
  • Venue Type: 5 Star Hotel
  • City Delhi NCR, New Delhi
  • State Delhi
  • Venue Welcomhotel By ITC Hotels, Dwarka, New Delhi
  • Country India
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