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Majorda is a beautiful city in Goa. Although it is not as well known as some other cities. Going to lesser-known places will always be a breath of fresh air. The clean and sunny beaches are a pleasure to walk on and enjoy. This city has some of the most pretty beaches in Goa. The iconic Goa beach is at Majorda. Not only are the aesthetics stunning but also, the beauty in the beaches and feeling of being in the freshest place possible is impeccable. The beaches steal the show when it comes to beauty and serenity. But the food absolutely steals the show when it comes to taste. This village has a very less population of about 2500 people which makes it a very environmentally friendly place to live in. The freshness of the air when combined with the ethereal views of the seaside makes everything eye candy for the onlooker. This gorgeous site forms an amazing venue for contemporary destination weddings. The beach creates an unmatched romantic scenery for the couple. They can have a gala time with their friends at this far-flung area enjoying their happy day. The ravishing greenery on the sides of the beach includes a variety of flora and mainly has beautiful long palm trees. Palm trees in themselves are a huge attraction of the tropical ecosystem. They not only look good but provide the local environment with clean air. The area is a natural beauty and decorations with real pastel flowers make it look like heaven. At the night, the starry sky looks like a blanket imbedded with little diamonds giving the perfect setting for romantic dinner dates. The climate remains favorable throughout the year but in summers this venue is the best place to relax and get that golden tan to flaunt. This area is superb to plan vacations with your friends or family as the surroundings are truly amiable. It has the best food served with undeniably great warmth and hospitality. This magnificent area also offers many resorts and hotels that give you the desired luxurious and comforting experience. These resorts give an insight into how relaxing and serene nature is. The beach is neat and tidy as it is maintained with great zeal. Whoever visits this charming place is filled with love and positivity as they feel like they are in the lap of mother nature. Overall, this area is an unparalleled beauty both for stays and for diverse events.

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