Top 10 Wedding Packages in Jaipur

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wedding packages in Jaipur

A wedding is the most special time for one’s life that is cherished forever with memories.

Deciding to plan a wedding in Jaipur and confused about where to get the perfect wedding packages in Jaipur?

Then no worries, My Event Deals has various packages for your, all customizable according to your needs and plans.

1. IMPERIAL-Decoration and Entertainment at The JaiBagh Palace

Package Price: INR 5,59,000/-

The sublime decoration and entertainment package at The JaiBagh Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan, is ideal for a close-knit wedding arrangement. The supremely traditional yet exceedingly elegant décor is dream-like for any couple. The rare and rustic stage is extraordinary with the palace created at the back. The passage and the entrance have an ethereal flower décor. The superbly decorated area has many inclusions to make your happy day brighter and one of the most amazing events for your guests.

 This wedding decoration package includes dhol and a singer to amuse the guest throughout the event. The amazing lighting enhances the décor and makes it look more than excellent. All the assorted flowers used in the décor are delicately arranged and are freshly chosen particularly for your big day. It is one of the best available wedding packages in Jaipur.

2. SHIMMERY-Decoration and Entertainment at Hotel Raj Bagh Palace Jaipur 

Package Price: INR 5,59,000/-

The decoration and entertainment package at the hotel Raj Bagh Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan, is electrifying. Pure bliss is the sight created by the electric blue lighting in the evening event. Heavy crystal décor with the big party crystal balls intensifies the décor’s gorgeousness. The frangible flowers with the crystal décor are a great contrast but symbolize life in a nutshell. The beautiful lighting shines like dew drops on the flowers often delusive of diamond’s gleam. White flowers on the tabletops are for the perfect welcome of the guests. The heavenly sofa with the feathery touch is an unparalleled beauty. Its background is rare and seraphic with the mirrors and crystals and an amazing light falling on them. This décor is more than perfect to make your event amazing.

3. WEDLOCK-Decoration and Entertainment at Hotel The Livin  

Package Price: Contact Us

This decoration package at Hotel The Livin, Rajasthan, India, is a perfect choice for a clean, simple and modern wedding. The clean white rooms and décor pieces are stars of the show. The elements of pastel shades added to the décor make the décor light and refreshing. The couple stage looks heavenly, firstly, with the ethereal background covered with pretty flowers of different shades of pink, secondly with the impeccable white fluffy and feathery sofa in the middle. The entrance has a frame filled with flowers for the welcome of the guests to this amazing event. The gold décor at the entrance is embedded with these beautiful flowers. This décor goes perfectly with any event of your wedding.

4. RICE-LIGHT-Decoration at Hari Mahal Palace – Wedding packages in Jaipur

Package Price: INR 89,440

A wedding cannot be called a complete wedding without food, dance, and lighting. There are so many emotions attached to an event. The décor must be doing complete justice to convey those emotions to everyone who is a part of that event. This beautiful decoration at Hari Mahal Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan, is an authentic Indian Décor with lots of lights. The lavish big Rajasthani Palace is covered with colorful lights. A Royal entrance has been created with a passage made of lights with red carpet, surrounded with short and tall decorated trees. This décor goes perfectly with any event of your wedding.

5. PROFUSE-Decoration and Entertainment at Mughal Garden, The Gold Palace & Resorts  

Package Price: INR 8,94,400

The pink-themed decoration and entertainment package at Mughal Garden, Hotel The Gold Palace & Resorts, Jaipur, Rajasthan, is unique yet extremely alluring. The whole building is covered in pink lighting. This beautiful shade of pink is subtle and not gaudy. It creates a perfect ambiance with a particular theme. A gorgeous stage for the couple is created with a floral pink pattern with bushes, while, a seraphic sofa of white color in the middle made with soft feathers gives it a dream-like outlook. It looks nothing less than a paradise with this gorgeous decoration. The entrance is decorated with colorful crafts which hang from the top of the trees. The sitting area of the guests is comfortable and looks amazing with the traditional touch. The dazzling lighting is providing the night event ideal lighting creating a superb atmosphere.

6. LUSH-Decoration and Entertainment at Anand Van  

Package Price: Contact Us 

The decoration and entertainment package at Anand Van, Jaipur, Rajasthan, looks angelic. Handcrafted and flower embedded huge chandeliers are one of the stellar inclusions of this grand décor. The peach décor with fragranced fresh flowers is truly appealing and enticing. The yellow flowers used are also extremely lively and beautiful. A wide and charming sitting area is created with peach and white combinations to look perfect with the stage. The enticing peach draping looks ethereal curating large shamianas on the enormous ground. A fairy and feathery sofa in the middle of the stage for the couple looks heavenly.

 This peach and white décor is a perfect couple who wants an elegant contemporary wedding. The charm with the real flowers and pastel color is unmatched and truly irresistible.

7. CARMINE-Decoration at Jai Mahal Palace – wedding packages in Jaipur

Package Price: INR 10,06,200 

This decor package at Jai Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan, is a show-starter. The red tones and floral vibes transcend through this decor. The entrance is filled with red tones. The chandeliers are shooting red hues of light which make the entrance feels light and lustrous. The main stage and sitting area are combined, with beautiful gradients across the whole decor that symbolize serenity and divine. The main stage has an abrupt change in decor style from the entrance. The red tones and chandeliers turn into a white angelic glow and flowers. Overall, this decor is the best of the best. And done by one of the best wedding packages in Jaipur.

8. ROYALTY-Decoration at The Leela Palace Jaipur

Package Price: INR 13,41,600 

This warm and royal décor at The Leela Palace Jaipur, Jaipur, Kukas, Rajasthan, India, is for the royalty, like you and your guests. This lavish décor is focused on the best and most ravishing experience ever. This décor immerses you into itself with its beautiful colors and its entire vibe. The entire décor is filled with different hues of warm and royal colors. The pinkish ambiance of this entire décor is stunning, and it also provides a warm and reliable environment. The props are extremely beautiful. They give the entire décor its royalty and charm, which is all done by the best wedding packages in Jaipur The props also bring some different aesthetics into this décor, like, the floral and the Indian aesthetic. The Indian and floral aesthetics are both beautifully portrayed on this décor. This décor just works.

9. RED GRAND-Decoration at Hotel Fairmont – wedding packages in Jaipur

Package Price: Contact Us

This beautiful floral décor at Hotel Fairmont Jaipur, Jaipur, Kukas, Rajasthan, India, is truly one of the best. The colors are extremely beautiful and majestic. The colors speak truly of love and affection. The entire décor is filled with red hues. The colors are an absolutely huge part of this décor, and they are extremely artistic. The floral aesthetic shines through the props. The props are in a different aesthetic, but they belong in the décor extremely well. Hats off to the artistic team behind this masterpiece. The artistic skill required to think up this décor is simply incredible.

10. GRAND SCARLET-Decoration & Entertainment at The Lalit Jaipur

Package Price: INR 16,77,000 

This lovely and floral décor at The LaLiT Jaipur, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, is the décor of your dreams. The colors of this décor symbolize love, affection, and individuality. The entire décor is a royal red color that flaunts itself. The colors are extremely vibrant, but they are at the same time also pleasing to look at. The colors also help the lighting in that same way. The floral aspect of this décor should not be ignored, because it is the main aesthetic in this entire décor. This décor will absolutely blow you and your guests away.

Check out one of the best available packages that is RICE-LIGHT-Decoration at Hari Mahal Palace – wedding packages in Jaipur (Package Price: INR 89,440) This beautiful decoration at Hari Mahal Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan, is an authentic Indian Décor with lots of lights. This décor is given by one of the best wedding packages in Jaipur.

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