The Lalit Chandigarh

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The LaLiT Chandigarh is located in The Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park. An extremely beautiful sight of the Shivalik Hills can be seen through the hotel.
The fine architecture provides a sublime view. The minimalistic yet classy logo on the front wall is artistic and catchy. The greenery too, looks very managed and clean. A touch of light blue in the building contrasts perfectly with the beautiful green. Wide glass windows look amazing and lavish.
The LaLiT gives a palatial feel with its wide and spacious outlook. The ceilings are high, the walls gorgeous and tall and the interior exceedingly appealing. There are no chances of a guest not falling for the interior with just one glance at it.
A royal lobby waits to welcome you with the finest interior and best services.
The beautiful contemporary Chandelier just in the middle of the round ceiling is gorgeous. A sleek Sofa in the middle and the charming vases are perfectly complementing the colour of the interior.
The floor is shiny, clean, and reflecting the ceiling like a mirror. It presents the maintenance and quality of the service quite effectively.
You can enjoy a ravishing breakfast, a delightful lunch, and an unforgettable dinner with The Lalit’s lip-smacking food at the restaurants.
They offer a perfect atmosphere with quiet and classy sitting areas.
There are multiple restaurants that cater to the needs of a particular meeting. The open lawn restaurants are perfect for a business dinner while the other restaurants make an ideal choice for family lunches and dinner. The lavish furniture used in the restaurants is not only decorative but immensely comfortable. If you are hosting the meeting, your guests will experience the best service in the world because they prioritize their guests’ needs.
You can trust the hospitality of The LaLiT with your eyes closed. They never fail to impress with the quality of their food and fine dining experience.
A very spacious seminar hall with amazing lighting, interior, and comfort is created to give the best public speaking and mass communication experience. The people who attend can focus fully without any mess with the incredibly managed sitting area and a perfectly visible stage. The interior looks very professional with a monochromatic theme and an enormous ceiling.
A formal meeting room is also arranged for business discussions in utmost luxury.
The ballrooms in the hotel are perfectly designed to make unforgettable memories and a picturesque decoration with a world-class interior. The huge chandeliers make the look royal and completely ravishing. Your wedding at The LaLit, Chandigarh will definitely be a blockbuster.
The lawn area offers an ideal venue for an evening reception or a cocktail party. Name any event, it will surely turn out to be the best with the ultimate hospitality and services at the hotel. It is not self-praise, but the biggest celebrities around the world have reviewed it with generous compliments.
The LaLiT, Chandigarh welcomes all the dear guests with infinite warmth and love.

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