Lemon Tree Hotel Amritsar

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This superfine luxurious hotel in Amritsar is just within walking distance from the railway station. Architecture speaks for itself. Extremely classy walls have beige colour and large glass see-through walls which display the royal chandeliers hung on the ceiling. The sleek building displays the ultra-fine interior of the hotel. Gold lights on the outside provide a gleam outlook. The spacious rooms are designed to define luxury and beauty at their best. The rooms have an amazing interior which provides a serene environment to the guests. Facilities like free Wi-Fi, tea and coffee, and a 24*4 room service are truly commendable. Small cushions are covered in phulkari work which is the traditional Punjabi attire for females and looks stupendous. All the rooms are well-equipped with finely finished furniture including beds, sofas, chairs, and tables which provide home-like comfort.
You can plan business events and meetings at The Lemon Tree Hotel in its lavishly designed meeting hall called Tangerine. Tangerine is originally another name for Orange, which exhibits several flavors in a single bite. So, at Tangerine, you can have several services in a single place. The hall has a furniture finish with off-white beige walls. The lighting is ideal for reading, focus and also enhances the interior which is super sleek and fine. The center table is made of wood and has a glossy finish while the chairs are velvety and comfortable. Few paintings complement the overall interior and give a royal touch to the décor.
While this was for business events, weddings and celebration-worthy events are also very finely arranged at this hotel. Another big hall, Tangerine Grand is an excellent space for parties. Either it is a wedding, reception, Roka, Shagun, Mehndi or a business ball, it is perfect for all. The interior immensely gleams and classy with the gold décor. The ceiling has wide royal chandeliers with white lights complementing the beige walls and ceiling.
There is a splendid restaurant with superior décor and interior called the Citrus Café.
The colour scheme of the space is arresting, half blue chairs and have floral prints are truly commendable. It has an inherent artistic vibe with the wide wall imbedded with little pictures all over it and a big LED screen in between. A delicious lunch here would be an amazing idea.
A well-equipped gym with the latest and updated technologies of exercises is maintained. It has a rooftop swimming pool in front of it. The aura of the place is immensely excellent and can also be used for a fine poolside event.
Overall this hotel is highly rated for its world-class service and hygiene. The food is scrumptious and is checked regularly for its quality and consistency.
If plan to visit the city of the Golden Temple, you must stay at Lemon Tree Hotel and experience the best hospitality.

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