ITC Grand Bharat

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The hotel doesn’t look like a hotel but a kingdom in itself. The great architecture has an arresting site. A sublime view is created with all the greenery around the larger-than-life palace. There are water canals dividing two major building blocks which look ethereal. Its distinctive outlook looks like nothing less than a King’s enormous palace. The ancient architectural designs provide it with an Indian look. We cannot take our eyes off the beauty of the place created by the fine details and supreme exterior. The temple structure and monastery structures are combined to make a diaphanous outcome. The whole palace has a dusky colour and turns out to be extremely superb when the sunlight falls on it. At night, the lighting makes it paradisaical. A fragrance of royalty is felt in the air near and inside the hotel. How can someone deny the marvelous beauty of this place? The interior of this hotel is luxury at its best. Extremely divine service and hospitality are observed by the guests of the hotel. The specialty is the hotel’s keen effort to work consistently and show unmatched consistency on services and products. Consistency is hard to maintain and is only the work of royals that brings them undeniable goodwill among many others. Sleekly designed pools are everywhere around the rooms and other places to provide an amazing experience. The rooms have the best comforting beds and gorgeous eye-pleasing interior. While the rooms are well-equipped with technology and great service, the chandeliers and lamps give a touch of old age cultural décors of the kings’ palaces. The texture of the walls, the ceiling, and the curtains are crisp and well maintained. For a fine dining experience, there are numerous restaurants designed exquisitely with superb décor. The food is world-class in taste, hygiene, quality, and quantity. You can surely fill your tummy with the most amazing cuisines from around the world. The peacock bar, Indian room, Aravali pavilion, and the apas promenade are the names of the first-class restaurants of the hotel. For the finest hospitality experience at events, Prithvi, the banquet hall has a seraphic décor and interior. The colour scheme is an unparalleled beauty with the fine finish furnishing. The extraordinary outdoor banqueting provides the ethereal view of the hotel to the guests and also the unforgettable and scrumptious food. A business meeting room provides an unmatched peace and sleek décor ideal for these kinds of meetings. An LED screen is there for uninterrupted presentations, flowing ideas, and best communications. Agni, the conference hall for different events is just perfect for praiseworthy design and interior. The spa and the swimming pool are there for pampering the guests with amazing healthcare services and relaxation for their day-to-day worries. Concluding the final thought is extremely difficult for a venue like this having higher-end services and unforgettable luxury. If you plan your event here, it will surely be a blockbuster.

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