Hotel Shiv Vilas Palace

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Located on the Saras Charaha NH 21, this hotel is one of the best luxurious hotels in Bharatpur. Its extremely picturesque architecture makes us skip a heart beat with its elegance. The superbly created exterior has a traditional touch in it as it belongs to the heart and soul of India, Rajasthan, the state which purely describes hospitality at its best. The resort has a rare outlook and is a blend of traditional and modern. Finely furnished rooms and other areas are a pleasing sight for the eyes. There is no way you do not get arrested by the stunning interior of the diaphanous palace. The lustrous interior is symbolic of the royalty and rich heritage of the state. The walls and ceilings are fine and crisp in white colour while the furnishing is pure wood. The clear and reflecting floor shows the superb maintenance and the sheer hard work of the staff. Gold is used in the interior and adds a rich impression with all the colours that it is combined with. The hotel offers fine dining with multiple restaurants- Flavors, Oriental Bay, Sheesh Mahal, Patio, and the Crystal Bar. All these restaurants are finely decorated and have a very comfortable sitting area to enjoy the meal fully. The patio is the open-air restaurant that serves the guests in the garden area itself. Sheesh Mahal, which has a unique meaning, is a palace made of glass. Sheesh is short for Sheesha which means glass in English. These palaces of glass were a rare architecture of India. Kings and queens of ancient times had these kinds of palaces which were very hard to construct and were even harder to maintain. The name of the restaurant is as interesting as the variety of food served in this hotel. Even when Indian cuisine is the best-selling, but cuisines from all across the world is mastered by the talented chefs here. All the meals are freshly prepared with love and warmth. The world-class service of the hotel is extremely welcoming and makes you fall for the ambience of this amazing place. This place is an excellent option for wedding, business, and corporate events. Whether it is a huge celebration or a close-knit party, a wedding event, or a small business meeting, this place is the best. The ethereal beauty of the place makes your event the most amazing event of your lifetime. Luxury and class are combined to give an excellent outlook. The hospitality of the hotel is rare and the experience you get at Hotel Shiv Vilas Palace is truly unforgettable.

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