Hotel Clarks Shiraz, Agra

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Agra is an incredible tourist hotspot due the Taj Mahal which is a remarkable symbol of a husband’s love for his wife not only while she is alive but with her sweet memories. It is one among the Seven Wonders of the World. We all are in awe of the sublime view of its architecture. Love is in the air for Agra but if you ever plan to visit, Hotel Clarks Shiraz is the best choice as it gives a beautiful view of the historical tomb which is a symbol of immense love.
Hotel Clarks Shiraz is a 5 star luxury with a Mughal touch of great hospitality. It has a classic interior with spacious king-size rooms offering great comfort and commendable service. It definitely redefines luxury and class. The place grandiose is unmatchable with perfect interiors.
To pamper the guests with a remarkable experience, a leisure club, a health club, and a swimming pool is provided. The health club is a gym fully equipped and maintained with updated machines and modern exercises.
For fine dining, there is a Mughal room, a sunset lounge, The Mughal bar, and much more. These restaurants offer multiple cuisines and finger-licking dishes prepared with love, freshly, by talented chefs. The quality of the food is never compromised and is always consistent like the food prepared by your mother at home.
The black and white floor with different artistic patterns is a visual treat. There are royal chandeliers completing the look to perfection. The ambience hence created is extremely grand. The vibe increases with the rooms giving a perfect view of Taj Mahal from the windows.
As the hotel is located in Agra which has a rich history and background, the hotel is an excellent choice for traditional wedding events. If you plan to have a wedding here, it would be dream-like and immensely royal. It is not only suitable for a classic traditional planning but is commendable for giving the best of both worlds. A beautiful pool-side event will be lavish and undeniably charming at Hotel Clarks Shiraz.
All this is combined with great service. All the praises fall short for the commendable service provided here. The guests are welcomed with folded hands as it is a great custom of India. This custom of holding hands instead of shaking hands was praised globally in the tough times of Corona Pandemic which focuses on reducing social contact and maintaining distance.
This hotel has won many titles for its world-class service and a perfect Taj Mahal view for the tourists.
It has a great reputation and is highly rated by the guests who have ever visited. This hotel is recommended for an unmatched royal experience and great hospitality and service.

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