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The hotel located in Delhi, the capital city of India and a hotspot of diversity and tourism, is one of the best luxurious hotels in the city. Its exterior is almost all glass and is well-defined. The architecture is contemporary and looks extremely fine and ravishing. The comfort provided at the hotel is home-like. Its hospitality has gained amazing goodwill with world-class services and comfort. The floor, the walls, and the ceiling are excellently crisp and fine. A golden gleam of the exterior outlook is arresting. The hotel is enormous and offers an amazing space for wedding functions and other events. Finely finished furniture at the rooms and the entrance has us in awe. The city has a traditional vibe which reflects in the hotel’s services perfectly. Although the décor of the hotel is modern but the idea of service is truly Indian. The rooms are comfortable and beautifully decorated with ultra-fine interiors and furnishings. Decorative pieces kept here and there enhance the interior with subtle creativity and charm. The decorations are highly artistic and thought-provoking giving the guests an insight of the brilliant vision that created this hotel quixotic plan into a reality. The suites are large and extremely spacious, so are their windows which provide a delightful view of the outside. The exploration of Delhi will be immensely easy when you come back after a long day of travel to a home-like comfort and relaxing environment. The restaurant is well reputed to serve scrumptious dishes which not only taste amazing but also look like paradise served in a plate. The décor of the restaurant is appealing with the glass walls accurately coloured to enhance the outlook. The seats are superbly comforting and make your dining your best experience ever. A bar is also there for the guests’ uninterrupted service. It is called the Juniper bar and is well known for its amazing delicacies. The pool is a ravishing site created just near the lawn garden providing a perfect combination of wellbeing in the lap of nature. It can be used for a poolside event and can be decorated finely to give it an unforgettable look. Also, for the wellbeing of the guests, Andaz spa is the best choice as it gives unending relaxation with its natural therapies. The hotel welcomes your lovely pets too. If you mention it prior to your visit, they arrange pet food and separate beds for them. The hotel is ideal for wedding and business events giving you and your guests an unmatched experience of hospitality. The ambiance provides the perfect party vibes. The meeting room for business meetings is specially designed to enhance focus and avoid distractions. The sleek interior and comfortable chairs are ideal for long meetings. This hotel is the best space for organizing events and proves the best host for your guests. It is highly rated for its world-class service and praised for its consistency in giving the best quality.

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