Tamil Nadu

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This magnificent state is the southernmost area of the country surrounded by the sea from two sides. Tamil Nadu has exceptional Dravidian architecture which looks exquisite and totally rare. The state covers an extremely wide area and is exceedingly gorgeous with the sea. The aesthetics near the sea are unmatched as the pure waters and enticing green trees form an awesome view. Roads and other areas are elegantly built and very well-kept. The cleanliness is top-notch giving the visitors an everlasting impression. It is the state which has Chennai as its capital, previously known as Madras, one of the first metropolitan cities of India. The state itself was formed on the basis of Language and is now known for its beauty and unique culture. Despite its Dravidian architectural buildings and temples, it also is one of the most developed and literate states of India. This urbanized state has the most industries and high-tech organizations which makes it the 11th highest GSDP per capita. By being the nearest to the sea, it enjoys an amazing tropical climate. On its west, it is surrounded by the hills and Mountains providing a heavenly charm to the state. This enticing state also is the home to the legendary Oscar-winning music composer and singer AR Rahman, on whose music the whole world syncs. The people of the state are great hosts and welcome the guests with amazing hospitality and zeal. The resorts and 5-star luxury hotels in Tamil Nadu provide an unmatched experience. The lavish state is a tourist spot for its exquisite and divine temples. There is The Nilgiri Mountain Railway, which in itself is an alluring sight. Moreover, the scrumptious South Indian cuisine has Idlis, Dosa, Sambhar, rice, and much more. The traditional service of the food is done on large banana leaves, a culture which you do not find anywhere else in this world. It is also a very hygienic and organic way to have a meal. The residues are biodegradable which, in spite of causing harm to the earth truly bless it with great fertile land. When in this southern state of India, you actually feel like you are in the lap of nature. The raw vibes of the place are gorgeously attractive to people all around the world. This place is highly reliable to have a fun and amazing destination wedding near the seashore under the blessed shining sun. Also, the state is a must-visit for vacations and a rejuvenating holiday.

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