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The state has enormous deserts and even bigger are the hearts of its people. This highly prestigious state is well known for its cultural heritage and diverse social strata. The beauty of this place is awe-inspiring in its true sense. There are innumerable places and spots of tourist attraction in the state, but it is especially known for its grounded villages and great hospitality. This state looks extremely beautiful and unique. The large camels are a common view here and their ride is surely an enjoyable one. This culturally rich state has all its traditions intact even after much modernization which makes this place a gorgeous one. Rajasthan is the most desired venue for a destination wedding due to its royal appeal and the kingly palaces here. The state is popularly known for the authentic Indian values it beholds like the folk songs and folk attire of the people. This state also has irresistible music which makes your heart love the rhythmic tunes and poetries. Rajasthan has uncountable royal palaces and kingdoms which are restored as resorts to exhibit the grandiose of the ancestors. There is dream-like spaces for wedding events that make the bride and groom feel like king and queen. No doubt about the undeniable hospitality, the food here is scrumptious and unforgettable. The subtle infusing of different spices makes it one of a kind. The excellent brides of Rajasthan look like queens as they glow and radiate the happiness within. Often, deeper shades like red, crimson, rust, yellow, and beige are used in royal hotels and wedding destinations to give an unforgettable twist. All those who plan to have a royal and grand, big fat Indian wedding, Rajasthan is a must-have venue. Overall, the place is an amalgamation of intense feelings of elegance, joy, royalty, and grandiosity. Planning a grand celebration for pre-wedding, wedding, or post-wedding events here surely turns out to be the most delightful thing ever. The event planned here would definitely be remembered by the guests and the hosts.

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