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This much-celebrated state is very famously known as the state of five rivers. Punjab is widely known for its rich culture and heritage across the globe is also well known for its brave men and their lively spirits. The epitome of optimism and happiness, the land flourishes with numerous places that are worth a visit. The poetic feels of this place are unmatched as it was the home to many major poets and writers like Pash and Shiv Kumar. Seems like Punjab is the place where love and positivity flows. This gorgeous state has the divine and world-famous Golden temple which everyone on earth wants to visit once in their lifetime. The beautiful Haveli in Jalandhar is a mesmerizing sight of the old traditional architecture with glimpses of Punjab’s beautiful cultural practices. On the other hand, Pathankot has a picturesque view which makes it a place ideal for dreamy wedding events. Punjab with its majestic vibe surely offers a great ambiance to plan and celebrate your happy events. For a wedding event, it feels ethereal to tie the eternal knot under the blessings of this beautiful place. Punjab’s climate is moderate and offers a calming area to plan events and meetings. Generally, the winters are the wedding season, although, in Punjab, it was an old saying “assu da kaaj racha” which means to plan an event in the month of October when there is spring. Brides of Punjab look extremely beautiful with red bangles, a ritual performed primarily in Punjab to lead a happy life ahead. The handicraft of Punjab offers great varieties which interest the brides with their unique appeal and charm. For example- Phulkaris and Punjabi Juttis are handcrafted to give them their authentic look. These works of art make the bride look even prettier and happier. Punjab is generally talked about for its lavish lifestyle and magnanimous people. Hosting a grand event here would definitely turn out to be the best plan ever. The delicious authentic tastes and flavors of Punjab are irresistible. Whether it is The Daal Makhni or Butter chicken, all these drool-over flavors make your guests fall in love with your event. After tying the knot, the couple can seek blessings in the Gurudwaras for an unending and happy association of the two families. Also, the place has many awesome sights and destinations to have a flawless event. All of these spaces are built royally and the warm hospitality of Punjab is undeniable.

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