Himachal Pradesh

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The snowy mountains and exotic view of the hills in the state of Himachal Pradesh truly allure travelers from across the globe. The captivating beauty of the western Himalayas can be seen in the state which makes you fall for the beauty of its amazing terrain. This enticing topography of this area provides India with a lot of tourists from other states and from overseas. It shares its border with Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh and also has an international border with China. There are diverse flora and fauna and distinctive land features making it a rare diamond that India possesses. The capital city of Himachal Pradesh is Shimla, the world-famous hills station known for its picturesque view and scenic hills. Most of the houses are built on the tiny hills amidst the ravishing greenery. The diaphanous outlook of the state looks even prettier with the lush green trees and the sunlight falling upon them. This state produces the tastiest apples making it the second most apple-producing state of India. Himachal Pradesh welcomes pilgrims from across India to the famous temples like Naina Devi, Chintpurni temple, Brijeshwari Mata Temple, Jakhoo Temple, and many more. Not only the pilgrims but for adventure lovers, this state is like a true paradise. Adventure activities like ice skating, paragliding, rafting, skiing, trekking, and horse riding are there to get your adrenaline going. The Buddhist monasteries give an account of the ancient architecture and designs providing not only a sight to pay homage but also a charming view. Despite these amazing sites, the roads are in themselves an adventure to witness. They are finely curated over the mountains by cutting and crafting and are truly a sight to behold. This abundantly welcoming state has a world-class appeal due to its warm hospitality. The superb people speak and greet with the native Pahadi language which sounds sweet and melodious. Himachal Pradesh makes for a great venue for events and celebrations such as weddings and a tremendous place to have a perfect vacation. Your stays in Himachal get effortlessly elegant with the luxurious hotels and resorts giving you a glimpse of the culture and traditions of the state during your stay. The Pahadi flavors of the tasty food are irresistible. There is no way one can exit the area without falling in love with the native cuisine and its simple yet delicious taste. Overall, this area is a must-visit for your stays and an awesome venue for grand and ethereal events.

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