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Haryana is a state where you can find an abundance of culture and traditions. It is not only a spot where the heritage of India is clearly visible with the grounded people mostly indulged in agriculture but a beautiful area covering a wide space of gorgeous aesthetics and views. The state is a neighbor of the capital city of India, Delhi. It is packed with people from different ethnicities and proudly forms diverse social strata. Earlier it was a part of Punjab, but it still has the shared capital, Chandigarh, the city beautiful, popular for its exquisite organization. This enormous area parted from Punjab on the basis of Language. The unique language of Haryana has an organic appeal and sounds like a blissful melody. The people are warm and extremely welcoming to the guests of the state. The holy river of Yamuna flows near its eastern border with Uttar Pradesh making it a place with a sublime view. A popular city in Haryana, Gurugram, is one of the most developed and technically advanced cities in India. It contains amazing 5-star hotels and glamorous venues for your grand events. This state has a rich past with being the area where the battle of Panipat was fought. It is culturally intact and has a great ambience. Haryana has one of the most elegant accommodations and venues including 5-star luxury hotels and resorts like ITC Grand Bharat, Crowne Plaza, Trident Hotel, The Oberoi, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel, and many more. All these places have commendable world-class service combined with lavish and truly enticing interiors. They offer comfort at their best and make you fall in love with the hospitality and warmth of Haryana. It is a distinguished tourist attraction where you find the Indian-ness of India still alive in its people and the surrounding environment, their culture and traditions, the hospitality and food. This praiseworthy state has simple yet extremely flavorful tastes of the food. Haryana itself being the agricultural capital of India holds a great percentage of the total agricultural production across the country. If you ever plan to visit Haryana, its nutrient-rich diet will surely add to your glowing skin and shining hair. Events like weddings, receptions, themed cultural events, shagun, mehndi, or sangeet in Haryana are excellent and exceedingly royal. The magnetic aura of the state lets you ace the event or the celebration in a rare, authentic, and ‘Desi’ way.

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