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This Indian state has the largest coastline with the Arabian Sea which provides it with some amazing beaches and awesome views. Gujarat is not only famous for its beaches but also has exquisite temples and other places of worship where people pay homage to their holy scriptures. It is often regarded as the land that preserves the wildlife in its true sense as its has twenty-three large wildlife sanctuaries including the famous Gir Wildlife Sanctuary spread in an enormous area of 1152 square km. This fifth-largest state in the country is well known for its unique cuisine and food. The food is having a distinguished flavor as everything has a little sugar added to it. This world-famous Gujarati cuisine contains dishes like Khakhra, Dhokla, Khandvi, Thepla, Fafda, Gujarati Kadhi, and many more delicious delicacies. All these dishes majorly have one common and very eminent ingredient i.e. Besan (gram flour). Besan is renowned for its health benefits and superb taste, it also gives the ethnic Gujarati taste when a little sugar is added to put the cherry on the pie. Despite its colorful and lip-smacking food, Gujarat has an esteemed culture and gorgeous traditions. The professional men in Gujarat are often stereotyped as ruthless businessmen but in reality, Gujarat and Its people exhibit an unparalleled warmth of hospitality and welcome to the guests from other states and countries. There are big and small hotels and resorts serving commendably to the guests with luxurious accommodations and lavish venues for events of different kinds. Gujarat has finely developed cities and well-structured roads. The area is clean and has very little pollution as compared to other states of India. Home to the rare Asiatic Lion species, the state is filled with greenery and exotic vegetation. The huge area of Gujarat is true bliss to the eyes of the visitor and a definite comfort to the natives. Gujarat also offers a sublime site for beachside weddings and other traditional weddings with the rich cultural ambience of the state. Its favorable climate lets you have uninterrupted events and grand celebrations throughout the year as mostly the weather is away from humidity. You can swiftly and effortlessly plan perfect events and meetings in Gujarat while truly being intact to the royal traditions in Gujarat. The lively spirit of the state and the rustic surrounding adds amazing charm to your stays and events.

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