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This beautiful modern city is very well organized and looks extremely spacious. Chandigarh is away from all the chaos and has many breathtaking sights like the sukhna lake and the rose garden. Its extraordinarily clean environment and ultra-fine roads make a perfect setting for tourists and guests. This superb area is a tremendous hub for students from across Punjab and is mostly known for its people’s lavish lifestyle. It is also the shared capital of the marvelous states- Punjab and Haryana. This very extravagant city was designed by a famous and esteemed French architect and has a very contemporary and notable design. The roads are immensely wide and have amazing greenery on the footpaths and numerous trees are planted to enhance the sight and also spread fresh ravishing air around the city. These trees create a rare ambience that is not seen in any other part of India. All the roads bearing big trees on their sides allure everyone’s eyes and relax their mind when they move around. The aura of the city is truly magnificent. All the great hospitality comes from the great-spirited people who reside there. Also, being linked with the two states most famous for their magnanimous people, the city has a significant place in the hearts of the young generation. It attracts uncountable for its distinguished environment. Chandigarh is home to immensely big 5-star hotels and resorts to offer comfort and luxury to guests. To name a few, Hyatt Regency, The LaLit, JW Marriott hotel, and many more are lavish hotels providing exceptional accommodations and tremendous venues to host grand celebrations. Chandigarh welcomes many celebrity guests and also is the hub for Punjabi Movies and the music Industry. This city gives wings to many aspiring minds and has kick-started the journey of many big names. For weddings and events, this area is truly a significant site as its climate and environment are highly suitable. It is a dream wedding destination of many and weddings in Chandigarh look surreal. Most Big fat Indian weddings take place in the city of Chandigarh as it has a blend of both worlds. The world-class hospitality combined with the unmatched contemporary vibe of the city. The architecture too is exceptionally grand and lavish around the picturesque city creating a beautiful overall outlook. Overall, this city with a polished atmosphere is a great host and welcomes every person and their event warmly.

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