This decor package at a private space, Dhordo, Gujarat, India, celebrates true art. That is, music. This open-air decor is artistically driven in every aspect of its decoration. A gargantuan guitar is placed in the middle of it all. It celebrates music and is an eye-catching piece of decor for the visitors of the music festival. Three crowds of this event will be avid music listeners and even critics. The warm and welcoming environment has provided by non other than our cosmically gorgeous planet, Earth, is out of this world. The colorful cutout tent decor is pleasing to the eye as none of the colours clash with serene blue sky. The entrance design seems like an artist’s dream come true. Having vivid and bright colours and yet not having them clash with each other is a spectacular achievement. At the same time, not being shy to put on elements of mandalla art in to the mix. The central stage is nothing short of cosmic. The extensively large frame covering the entire stage is magnificent. While the amazing lights in the foreground and background highlight the performer or performers. Overall, this decor is artistically pleasing to look at. It provides a feeling that I feel is not provided in any other decor.


Updated on January 5, 2022 at 11:07 am
  • Package ID: 6634
  • Price: INR 44,72,000 *
  • Package Type: Decoration, Entertainment
  • Event Type: Music Festival
  • Number of Guests: 700-750
  • Event Space: Open Air
  • City Dhordo
  • State Gujarat
  • Venue Private Space
  • Country India
Vendor Travel, Lodging and Meal costs extra (if applicable). Price is indicative in nature and subject to change and availability.

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