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Panaji is a magnificent place to visit in the summer or any other season. It is perfectly suitable for any season of your choice. Why are we talking so much about the season? Well, because that is the most enjoyable part of this outdoor masterpiece. The tropical aesthetics continue on to the experience itself on this island of a city. Goa’s feelings are abundant in this place. From the air to the look, everything is Goa-inspired. When people talk about Goa, they’re talking about Panaji. Panaji is iconic. Goa and Panaji are intertwined with each other. The looks of this place will not only amaze you but stun you. Panaji is the cleanest city in India, so it will not disappoint the clean freaks. And, you can enjoy the clean air while enjoying the view of the beach, because Panaji has one of the cleanest air in India. For the foodie in everyone’s heart, there is a lot of variety. The food has a unique style and it’s like something you have never tasted before. This is often due to the restriction of specific flavors, like, not having access to traditional Indian spices, so they created their own unique spices. Since the geography is tropical, many ingredients used in the food will be unseen too much of India’s population living in big cities. You will taste a lot of tangy flavors, fresh cooling drinks, and of course lots and lots of coconuts. Coconut is used everywhere here. From cooling drinks to meat. Speaking of meat, there is of course the Indian standard of chicken and mutton. Some impressive dishes that you will have to try are Xacuti, Vindaloo, and most importantly seafood. Dishes like, Goan fish curry, Prawn curry, Fish Suke are popular the world over. Vindaloo is actually a dish that is still popular in The U.K. Goa has the most Catholics in entire India. Overall, this place is a must-visit for all travelers, explorers, and tourists.

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