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The picturesque architecture of Amer attracts people the most to this culturally rich city. Its preserved forts with the Mughal design are a sight to behold. It is popular for its esteemed Amer Fort which is a paragon of great architecture. The hilltop constructed Fort was mainly constructed by the Rajput kings and shows extreme artistry. Amer Fort and Jaigarh Fort have many palaces of the excellent interior. They are decorated finely with unparalleled art and creativity. Amer Fort is constructed with red sandstone marble which provides it with a rustic appeal. The lake beside the fort in spite of looking ethereal also was the only source of water to the kingdom. Its distinctive design has many doors, windows, and webbed corridors. With all these embellishments, it also has Diwan-e-aam, Diwan-e-khaas, Sheesh Mahal, Jai Mandir, and the Sukh Niwas. The visitors get astonished by the charming beauty of the palaces. This gorgeous place is also home to declining species such as the Indian Leopard. The vegetation is a great attraction and also provides the environment with fresh and neat air. Amer also has a famous marketplace where local handmade stuff is sold like artistic showpieces and dresses. By these articles, tourists take with them many memories and aesthetics of this magnificent place. Other than this, the place is widely known for its authentic flavors. This area mainly has Mughlai and Rajasthani cuisine which includes kebabs, litthi chokha, dal bhati choorma, laal maans, and many ores. The flavors of these dishes are unforgettable while keeping the preparation easy and full of love. These recipes were admired by the Mughal and Rajput Kings and hence made their journey of becoming the dishes that are loved worldwide. The commendable hospitality and warmth of this place are unparalleled. Indian culture of welcoming the guests and serving them the best is best practiced here. This tremendous place is a great venue for a destination weddings. The couples who aspire to have royal and grand arrangements for their wedding events often dream about rustic venues like these. It provides an unmatched ambience of grandiose and makes the bride and the groom feel like king and queen. The palaces of the local area are decorated to create a subtle charm as desired by the people. Overall, it is a place that definitely attracts the eyes of architectural enthusiasts. It is an awe-inspiring place to hold gorgeous wedding events.

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