Breathtaking Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

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Wedding Car Decoration Ideas and Tips to make it the best!

We realize that wedding is all about love, happiness and satisfaction. The bride, the groom and their loved ones prepare weeks in advance to look perfect & memorable on the big day. What’s more, it isn’t only about people embellished with lovely garments and adornments. Truth be told, everything related to a wedding is made to seem as though it is commending the event. That is the reason, even the car wherein the couple return home together once the wedding is finished, is decorated beautifully. Suddenly car decorations have become a thing & getting the perfect one done could seem a little tiring & tough.

To make it look easier think of it as your first car ride as love birds which is a thrilling and exciting moment. To make this moment a lasting & unforgettable experience we are delightful to share a portion of our #1 wedding car decoration ideas. Regardless of whether it happens after your service while heading to your gathering, or toward the night’s end as you bid your loved one’s farewell, the car ride is probably going to be one of the first (and scarcely any) beginnings of continuous-time with your companion on a large day — so make the most of it!

Wedding car decoration
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Indeed, on the off chance if you have been searching for some lovely and remarkable approaches to make your car look the best at your wedding, then, at that point here are some astounding thoughts for you.

1. Pick strips for Wedding Car Decoration

For a rich and sophisticated look, glossy silk strips are essentially grand. You can either tie them all around your vehicle or make little bows with them and add them at various spots for a classy look. You can even stick a little bouquet of flowers on the lace to make it look extravagant a bit. Additionally, if glossy silk strip does not appeal you, you can pick from a variety of embellishments like zari gotas, brilliant strings, organza, and net curtains, and so on.

2. Use of banners or flags for Wedding Car Decoration 

No, we are not discussing a white A4 size paper referring who marries whom. We are discussing attractive banners or pennants that can stick anyplace on your car. Either get the ‘Just Married’ banner or get it customized with yours and your companion’s name on it.

3. Make it a look fancy

Indeed, it is extremely difficult to disregard flowers in an Indian wedding. What’s more, it most likely is an incredible method of beautifying the wedding car. In any case, you need to ensure that you don’t want your car too packed with them.

One of the most incredible approaches to enrich the wedding car is with flower bundles on the hat or the hatchback of the vehicle. You can fill the rest of the space of your vehicle by setting a solitary flower in a classy way. Also, we would like to propose you to go for fresh flowers over the fake ones, as fresh flowers will instigate a refreshing energy in the car’s stylistic layout. It is always better if you make a striking differentiation between the shade of flowers and your car.

wedding car decoration
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4. Go with your wedding theme

In case you are experiencing issues in finishing the shade of the flowers or the strips, then, at that point, you can generally play safe by decorating your car as per your wedding theme. For instance, if the shade of your wedding style includes purple, pick comparative hued flowers, strips, or a blend of the components referenced above, and you have a great idea to go forward with.

wedding car decoration

Few Important Tips to remember for Wedding Car Decoration

1. Don’t deter from your idea

We realize that certain people get excessively advertised for a wedding. Which is the reason they wind up buying the absolute biggest flowers or different sorts of enrichments, which is entirely fine, however as long as it’s anything but a problem. On the off chance that you decide to put an enormous rose on top of your hood, yet it’s enormous to the point that it discourages your vision, you’re gambling a car crash, and that is the last thing that you need on a particularly special day. Ensure that your adornments are as an afterthought, on the front too, however, keeps them insignificant there. Recall that you need to see the street in front of you.

Ornamental tapes and jars are an extraordinary method to make everything conspicuous and loud too, and they don’t hinder your vision as long as you put them from the sides or on the rear of the car.

2. Don’t “try too hard”

There’s consistent that “innovative oddity” who can’t pick either some beautiful thought, so they choose to crush them both together on top of the car, and it’s bewildering. Nonetheless, assuming you need to go to a fashionable wedding with style, we recommend that you should not exaggerate the adornments. Behave and negligible, yet brightening enough for individuals to comprehend that you will be available on an exceptionally unique event.

3. Hire a wedding car decorator, to do it for you!

To wrap things up, some people essentially are not that adequate at making improvements. Or they are experiencing an imaginative hurdle, and that is entirely fine. There is always the choice to recruit an expert for the job. This could cost you bit more. On the off chance you have a good-to-go spending plan, which is a pleasant alternative. There’s nothing amiss with letting other person handle the responsibility. It is what many individuals do.


Wedding Car decoration

Weddings are exceptional events and every little thing about them is amazing, particularly the part where the farewell happens after all the rituals. This too is an important ritual of the wedding as this adds to the new beginnings and a whole lot of memories for a lifetime to come. A beautifully decorated car shows that the couple are welcoming their new life with love and prosperity.

We urge you to go ahead and make this event as memorable as you dreamt in the first place by utilizing our ideas and there by enriching your wedding experience and  yes, Be Safe !

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